Most of the information about our product and service offerings is available here on our website. You can find maps, phone and fax numbers, and any forms you might need before and after your office visit. If there is something you can't find online, please feel free to reach out to us at our main phone number. Once you have been granted access to our patient portal, you will have access to additional services and information, including your lab results, portions of your medical record, nurse communications, making or cancelling appointments, and a host of other features. You can access our patient portal by clicking the link at the top of this page. Our physicians endeavor to treat all of our patients in an office or teleconference setting. However, should you require hospitalization, your care may be provided by a hospital-based physician or hospitalist. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you should return to your primary doctor at one of our office locations for continued care.

Medication Refills

Patients requesting prescription refills at *any time other than during an office visit* will be charged a fee. This includes any prescription that needs to be called, faxed, or mailed to any pharmacy or pharmacy provider, local or mail-order. To avoid these charges, please request all of your prescription needs at the time of your regular visit with your physician. Charges for prescriptions/refill services are as follows:

  • Level   I Prescription Call — $15.00 (1-3 prescriptions)
  • Level  II Prescription Call — $25.00 (4-6 prescriptions)
  • Level III Prescription Call — $35.00 (7+ prescriptions)

During an office visit for patients who participate in mail order prescription plans, our physicians will provide electronic prescriptions for you and send them directly to your preferred pharmacy at the time of your office visit. If the medication(s) are needed immediately, we have the ability to send a prescription electronically to, or give you a written prescription for, your local pharmacy. Please have your pharmacy information ready at the time of your office visit, including your pharmacy’s name, address and telephone number, otherwise a hard copy of the prescription will be issued to you for you to turn into the pharmacy of your choice.
For our patients whose medications require an Official Prescription Form (historically known as a “triplicate”), a 24 hour notice is required. Please contact your physicians Desk Staff. The prescription will be left at the front desk. If you wish to pick up the prescription at an office other than your provider’s usual location, please allow 48 hours.

Between office visits, any medication needed immediately will be electronically sent or called to your local pharmacy. Long term prescriptions or any prescriptions that are not needed immediately will be mailed to you so that you may mail them or turn them in to your preferred pharmacy. If you require prescription refills, please plan at least 2 weeks in advance. Our office is now utilizing the online patient portal making it easy for you to send us a message with the medication refills you need. Alternatively, you may call the pharmacy to send the request electronically. Please note that for prescription refill requests made outside of an office visit you will be charged the fees listed above. The same fee schedule will apply to replace lost or misplaced prescriptions. (Triplicate Rewrite fee is $50).

Form Fees

If you have a form that needs to be filled out by your physician, you should leave the form with your doctor or with a member of our team. Please allow 3 business days to have your form completed if there are no issues. Payment will be due when the paperwork is deposited at the front desk. You may expect a phone call or an e-mail via the portal when the paperwork is complete. The Form Fee for any form: $25.00

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